Thursday, October 14, 2010

Work and Money

I haven’t been able to blog in a while, not exactly because I’ve been busy, but because I’ve been downright lazy. I’ll just try to remember all the stuff I’ve been thinking of blogging about.

1. Work

Work has been good so far, my boss is basically a cool guy, he’s so friendly, I have to keep reminding myself that he’s a lot older than me, and he’s the boss – so I should mind my manner of speech. He likes to gist, and I like to listen to his gist because he’s a smart someborri, so we manage to have stimulating [yet funny] conversations. I must add this one too [since its increasingly rare these days, smh], his command of the English language is very much on point. I know it sounds like there’s a crush, but no, there isn’t, not at all. He’s just a sensible person jare, and who doesn’t love being around such?

There’s this guy in my office gan gan, he’s on IT, so we’re basically on the same level [I keep telling myself he’s on IT, but I’ve finished school, hence I’m an intern. Hehe], I think he’s much older too, but younger than the boss, I can’t be too sure [seeing as I have no intentions of asking him his age and whatnot]. This guy, I do not like, but somehow I don’t know why. He just irritates me mostly, and as much as I tried at the beginning not to judge a book by its cover and all, I can’t help but dislike his mannerisms. He comes to work late [which understandably irks my boss], and then the first thing he says when he sees me is “What’s happening?” I usually do not answer, but in my mind I’m like “and good morning to you too”. He asks the question a 2nd time, and then I reply curtly, “nothing”. One day he told me I act bossy, I didn’t say anything, but I told my boss later, and he said this dude just said that because I unnerve him. He [the dude] says other stupid things like that to me too, i just try my best to ignore. I think I act like a headmistress [read: un-nice] to him, but *kanye shrug* I can’t help it oh jare, the guy annoys/irritates me in more ways than one, and I don’t just want to go into plenty plenty details. And he’s doing it right now, as I type. Mscheeeeewww. I refuse to get pissed, he ain’t related to me, abi?

So there’s another one [a guy too, of course], not in my department though…and this one just acts friendly and funny whenever we see. One day he came up behind me and tickled me, just like that. I just smiled, but inside me I didn’t find it funny, because me an’ am no be guys like that, so which time we start to dey relate on that level? To the average person, there may be nothing wrong with that, but different strokes oh, me I no like dat kain tin. There are certain boundaries for certain levels of friendship [or “acquaintance-ship”], and I don’t like people crossing lines before I have approved [I really am a headmistress, abi?]. He tickled me today again [and that’s why I’m blogging about it], abeg make una warn this bros oh. Other than that, he’s cool, and friendly.

2. Money

I need money asap! This is my own form of begging and soliciting funds from the general public. I have so many things coming up so soon, and I need money for all of them, and seeing as I’m still an unpaid intern, I really don’t have access to plenty of money just yet. I know my pops will still hand me a check, but seeing as my 2nd name is Olivia Twist, I will want more [don’t we always?], for different things. I will tell you people the things [that I wouldn’t dare tell my dad] I need more money for. You see, le boyfriend’s birthday was last month, and I haven’t gotten him anything yet. Our relationship has been LDR for a while now, but all that is changing in less than 1 week, hence the urgent need for the money. I want to get him a really nice somtin, and such things cost money o jare. The 2nd thing that is happening is NYSC. I want to get white sneakers, white tops, and the like – but my pops thinks I want to go there to be a gbogbo bigz girlz. He does not understand that I really do not want the stress of looking for someone to switch sneakers with, incase I don’t get my size, and neither do I want to wear that excuse they have for a pair of sneakers [snotty, aint I? lol]. The 3rd thing is simply the fact that I want to have fun na, I’ve missed Lagos so mush, I want to move around, go to the movies, the beach, eat ribs and soy sauce, you know, all those things that simply can’t be gotten in my own city. I also have a wedding to attend, and I cannot show up looking less than hawt. Shae una understand, abeg help a sister out. Number 4 reason I need cheese is that I really, really need to go to Lagos market, cuz I need to shop for clothes, shoes [my last pair of flats just gave way], bags, and stuff for my new phase of life that is NYSC.

Anyway, I know my God shall supply all my need[s] according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus, Amen. If however, he chooses to use you as the bank teller/cashier, please do not hesitate, thanks :D

There’s so many other things to blog about, but I’ll leave those for next time, because I really need to hit the hay.

Sweet dreams……..